Dear Students,


As you may be aware, Shawnee State recently transitioned to a new student information system (your MySSU account). The transfer of data has created some temporary issues and challenges for many of you. For that, I apologize. Our mission centers on removing barriers to your success and making the transition to college life easy.


Two issues tied to academic data that we are working to address quickly are incorrect or missing financial aid information and incorrect degree audits. Some students are receiving a message that their course schedule is creating a possible financial aid issue. To qualify for financial aid, courses do have to count toward your degree, but because the new system isn’t recognizing some approved course substitutions, you may have received this message in error. Similarly, some students are receiving a message that a class is not required for their major. This message may also be in error.


Before adding or dropping any course due to one of these messages, please talk to your academic advisor to determine if a course counts toward your degree. If you don’t know your advisor, please call the Student Success Center at 740-351-3594 for help.




Sunil Ahuja, Ph.D.

Provost and Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs